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unbridled greed
  • необузданная жадность
  • необузданной жадности

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Jammeh left behind him a people bewildered by 22 years of peculiar, despotic misrule, and unbridled greed.
The forests had immense commercial potential and some used that for their private gain and unbridled greed.
The totality of which was bad governance characterised by unbridled greed and massive corruption by over 90 per cent of the administrators, whether elected or appointed.
We've also just experienced a scandalous financial crisis, driven by unbridled greed and mindless liberalisation.
Nothing it seems can be quite as dramatic as when unbridled greed crashes headlong into political expediency.
Pure unbridled greed masquerading as social corporate responsibility.
What kind of country shall we bequeath future generations if this unbridled greed continues?
Through gutting regulation and guiding government policies, unbridled greed has made fraud a normal course of business and plunder a way of life.
The recent experience of the near calamitous meltdown of the financial system was a clear indication of what can happen when unbridled greed and inadequate regulation are given free rein.
In any case, such a state of society was inherently impossible in capitalism which is premised on the accumulation drive, the unbridled greed of a man.

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