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unbridgeable gap
  • непреодолимый зазор
  • непреодолимый разрыв

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I asked a question, which moderators have seen fit to delete, because it would explain the subtle but unbridgeable gap between explaining, and explaining away.
There are several gaps, which combine to constitute an overall, unbridgeable gap.
It would be a grim right-wing government, but that's what the arithmetic said, and there was no unbridgeable gap in policy.
This fundamental breakdown in communication, combined with technological advances that many parents find hard to keep up with, has created an almost unbridgeable gap between the generations.
There is a radical, unbridgeable gap between the cosmos as conceived by theists, and by atheists.
Children who do not have access to books, in fact, won't read as much as those who have, creating an even more unbridgeable gap between rich and low-income families.

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