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type of gaming
  • тип игр
  • тип игры

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This type of gaming is novel and its early adoption is rather unprecedented.
Playing a game that completely engulfs a character in a new world with an almost unlimited number of things to do is the best type of gaming experience.
But it was somewhat limited in terms of the type of gaming experiences, but you could have more of a core experience.
This type of gaming enables the users to play any game at any place.
That could sound like a small thing, but it's essentially the opposite of what we're seeing happen in almost every other type of gaming.
The budget also refers to "reconfiguring the number and location of gaming sites and tailoring the type of gaming at those sites" to boost revenue.
Those that are using gaming laptops might make the cut, depends on the type of gaming laptop and when it was purchased.
Costing $150 (starting at $300 with console included), the add-on for the console debuts a new type of gaming -- in which handheld controllers are a thing of the past.

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