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turf grass
  • трава трава
  • трава дерна

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Due to high adoption of sprinkler irrigation systems in fields, landscaping and turf grass, this segment is projected to hold the largest share.
He decided to rip up all the turf grass and plant one big flower bed.
Remove the turf grass and dig your garden bed approximately 4-8 inches deep.
Adding to the general lack of clarity, however, the list includes seven types of turf grass, all of which have low watering requirements.
The mismanagement with regard to turf grass species is visible from a distance.
If we've lived through a drought maybe we've shaved a couple minutes off our showers, and even ripped out some thirsty turf grass and planted drought-tolerant shrubs.
In the context of turf grass maintenance and groundskeeping for golf courses, stadiums, football fields, parks and even landscaping, we can reduce the need for manpower by mechanising.

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