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turbine generator
  • турбинный генератор
  • генератор турбин

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The system consists of a suspension preheater boiler, air quenching cooler boiler, steam turbine generator, distributed control system, water-circulation system and dust removal system.
When needed, the molten salt is drawn from the hot storage tank and heat is exchanged again with water to make steam to drive a steam turbine generator.
So why has it gone undeveloped especially now when equipment costs are on the decline, interest rates are at historic lows, and turbine generator output has close to doubled.
With the turbine generator accounting for around 40% of the equipment cost, the balance comprises the cost of boilers.
The first contract covers the supply of the actual turbine generator packages, while the second covers associated services.
A large amount of the stored energy can be recovered using the turbine generator.
The heat from the fire converts water into steam, which is then sent through a turbine generator to produce electricity.
The water is heated by burning biomass in a boiler to produce steam, which drives a turbine generator unit that in turn produces electricity.
The rest of the proceeds would be used to acquire an additional 8-megawatt steam turbine generator for sugar milling and refining.
A conventional steam turbine generator then converts this heat-energy into electricity.

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