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tumour growth
  • рост опухоли

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It is also possible folic acid found in multivitamin pills could be a factor, as studies suggest high doses may promote tumour growth.
Palbociclib is a drug that disrupts the proteins that promote tumour growth.
The other, cabozantinib, blocks enzymes that act as "on, off" switches in many cellular processes including those driving tumour growth.
Exercise can also improve quality of life by having an effect on the immune system and helping to control tumour growth.
Experts said obesity was driving cancer because it results in hormones imbalances that can fuel tumour growth.
Increased macrophage activity is assocated with decreased tumour growth.
Stewart said their research proved that the drug slowed the tumour growth, at comparable rates and similar efficacy to other anti-cancer drugs.
The research suggests that while antioxidants do not affect tumour growth, they might increase the risk of metastasis -- the spread of cancer around the body.

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