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tufts of grass
  • пучки травы

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Although the 1,3,28 tufts of grass in the work aren't sharp, they do resemble traffic spikes used by police to puncture the tires of wheeled vehicles.
All of these animals must be fed substantially more than the tufts of grass and dandelion leaves that the children feed them.
Check the valley areas for telltale tufts of grass peeking over that show dirt build-up has gone too far.
Usually by now tufts of grass would be poking through the snow for the livestock to graze, but not this year.
They hide in places such as the golden tufts of grass that our horses are passing, he says.
We scuffed and hopped through the big tufts of grass to get away from the road (again: no lights, no guardrails), and randomly picked a spot.
Only tufts of grass still clung to the edges of the townhouse after the collapse.
The cave-ins left one of two neighbouring townhouses perched on the edge of the collapsed hole, with only tufts of grass attached to its edge.
Thousands of hungry mouths competed with sheep and cattle for food, nibbling away at the few tufts of grass left in some areas.

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