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truly global
  • поистине глобальный

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China is the world's only government with a truly global foreign policy strategy.
A truly global approach and real international cooperation is needed to curtail, and thereafter, eliminate it.
The first few companies that come here will not be the truly global companies.
A truly global company, we have seven production plants, over 80 service centres, more than 2,000 employees and 25,000 customers in 25 different countries.
Fragomen enjoys 27 listings in 14 jurisdictions, demonstrating the truly global nature of the firm's expertise.
With around 3,500 employees, located in 24 countries, we are a truly global firm.
And when it was over the truly global war and deadliest war in history had cost more than 50 million military and civilian lives.
His was a career played in the shadows, before football became a truly global, 24-hour obsession.

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