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truly gigantic

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First, we postulate a fixed, although truly gigantic, number of worlds.
This can be a truly gigantic game, and take days to play, with hundreds of individual game units.
And we don't see any reason that it won't continue to do so unless a truly gigantic, inexpensive field of helium is discovered.
A truly gigantic leg of ham is carved in front of passengers on board a flight in 1969.
But just when you thought it was all settling down, we see three players swimming, deep underwater past a truly gigantic seated skeleton, it's real jaw-dropping stuff.
It might find a home with tour guide operators or truly gigantic families, though.
Chuquicamata in the north of the country is a truly gigantic mine -- by some measure the world's biggest open pit -- and has been mined for the past 90 years.

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