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true grit
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But more than all this, the film is a high-spirited salute to the indomitable human spirit and a grand testament to courage and true grit.
Godoy, 61, is the embodiment of determination and true grit, overcoming the loss of a limb and continuing to do what he loves most.
He excelled as an athlete and his wartime experience is an example of his enormous physical stamina and true grit.
He was carried off the field by his teammates, who recognized his true grit, only the second player ever to be accorded that honor.
I admire his toughness, his true grit, his determination, or whatever you may want to call it.
In other words, there's no technological substitute for know-how, a cool head, and a heaping dose of true grit.
He had this true grit in everything he did, it didn't matter what it was.
But what's indisputable is that, whether he's method acting on a grand scale or demonstrating true grit, he puts on a good show.