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tropical garden
  • тропический сад

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Cobblers is much smaller, 40 rooms clustered in a horseshoe around a tropical garden.
Dark slasto or wooden sleepers look lovely in a tropical garden, while the informal look of slasto or broken bricks suits an indigenous garden.
The exhibition incorporates an immersive installation in the gallery space taking cues from a tropical garden.
The one difference is that this garden is more of a tropical garden.
They spread more than the taller-growing forms and are great fillers in a tropical garden.
Look for a stylish contemporary setting restaurant with a lovely view of the outdoor pool and lush tropical garden?
Three connected pavilions overlook the lush tropical garden, with a glass-ceilinged family room at its heart.
Soon you navigate through lanes of gleaming new cars in a tropical garden setting.
Johnson's tropical garden features the ultimate in outdoor living with a splash pool spectacular waterfall.

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tropical прилагательное
garden имя существительное
garden прилагательное
to garden глагол
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kitchen garden имя существительное
common or garden прилагательное
tropical year имя существительное
back garden имя существительное
formal garden прилагательное
tropical vegetation имя существительное
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