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tremendous growth
  • огромный рост

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And, because we haven't seen tremendous growth in demand on the lending side, we haven't really had to try to raise time deposits.
We have seen tremendous growth in this segment of the market in the past few years.
According to the church website during this time, the church has experienced tremendous growth and has seen thousands of lives changed.
In the school's first five years, it experienced tremendous growth and success.
These developments have led to the tremendous growth of the app economy which has been so key to the proliferation of cloud applications.
With the tremendous growth of smartphone sales, consumers are becoming increasingly shopper savvy relying on apps for their shopping decisions.
Ironically, the tremendous growth during the digital/information age is a direct result of engineering on a smaller and smaller scale.
True investment options should bring you tremendous growth in short period of time.

английские примеры использования для "tremendous growth"

EnglishSeven children per family -- tremendous growth at 3.3 percent.