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treatment group
  • группа лечения

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Be aware that certain imbalances in baseline covariates would seem to favor the treatment group.
Blood tests also showed an increase in testosterone levels in the treatment group.
There was a gain for 5th graders in the treatment group, but it washed out in 6th grade.
A key feature of this study was that the exercises in the treatment group got progressively more difficult as the participants practised.
Nearly 80 percent of the study participants in the treatment group got rashes underneath the patch.
In these trials and others, calcium supplementation was used in the treatment group and compared with placebo or no-treatment control groups.
They randomly allocated participants to either the treatment group or the placebo group.
At 12 weeks, the treatment group showed improved verbal recall compared to the placebo group.
What's more, the treatment group actually demonstrated improvement in physical function, a finding not seen in the control group.
These two new studies on gastric bypass should have included a treatment group that had intensive lifestyle therapy as well as medical therapy or surgery.

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