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treat glaucoma
  • лечение глаукомы

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Microneedles, too small to be seen with the naked eye may offer the best way to treat glaucoma and corneal neovascularization, two of the world's leading eye diseases.
The drug is ethoxzolamide -- a sulfonamide and carbonic anhydrase inhibitor used to treat glaucoma and duodenal ulcers, and a diuretic.
If caught early, though, there are medications and procedures that may help treat glaucoma.
Researchers are working on developing new drugs based on cannabis to treat glaucoma pain after learning its effectiveness for treating the condition.
The authors acknowledged that more research is needed before anyone can rely on exercise to prevent or treat glaucoma.
Eye experts have discovered a drug used to treat glaucoma can also boost the growth and prominence of eyelashes.

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