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travel gear
  • дорожные снаряжения
  • снаряжение для путешествий

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They were forced to leave all of their belongings on the boat, losing phones, cameras and travel gear, but were covered by insurance.
With the growing popularity of travel sites, existing private sale sites that traditionally focused on fashion, home or beauty have begun incorporating travel sections for discounted vacations and travel gear.
You may be ready with the camera equipment and travel gear, but what if the first sight of your destination doesn't appeal to you?
Eastpak produces backpacks, shoulder bags, travel gear, apparel and accessories.
Here's the thing about travel gear: the best stuff, the stuff you use most often and wouldn't even dream of leaving home without, is often not travel gear at all.
The online store is a provider of the most innovative and affordable travel gear.
He wants to license the firm's brand for use on a variety of products, including high-end travel gear.