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transport the good
  • транспортировать хорошее
  • транспорт хороший

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A less obvious benefit of plastic packaging is that by being much lighter than alternatives it greatly reduces the fuel needed to transport the goods.
Earlier a manufacturer had to depend on lorry owners and brokers to transport the goods.
If it costs more to transport the goods, the people who buy the goods are going to pay more.
More than one person was involved, he also believes, and likely used a large vehicle to transport the goods.
Currently in this time political unrest some courier operators are using airlines as alternative to transport goods.
It is a crucial artery for the mining sector which uses it to transport goods?
They also need to thoroughly check the routes and lanes used to transport goods.
The heavy vehicle driving ban would have server implications on the transport industry and will significantly increase the cost of transporting goods.
The main characteristic of express market is that it simplifies and speeds the process of transporting goods.