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training grants
  • гранты на обучение

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Benefits range from research incentives to tax breaks, training grants, land productivity grants and a plethora of incentives.
The people you have to compete with had everything they needed: training grants, competitions and are exposed to the most modern equipment.
National and regional governments are attempting to lure production firms with promises of tax incentives and workforce training grants.
The levy paid is also used for purposes of promoting, developing and upgrading the skills of local workers, apprentices and trainees through training grants.
Redas is also pushing for special training grants to enhance maintenance skills and technical expertise among engineers and technicians.
For more information about the program and how you can qualify for training grants, come for our course preview!
Women are quite visible early in the federal funding pipeline, holding about half of all training grants.
The amount was over and above the state subsidy allocation and research development, teaching development and clinical training grants.

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training имя существительное
training прилагательное
training mode имя существительное
training and development officer имя существительное