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train guard
  • вагон охранник
  • поезд охранник

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We also have emergency help points installed on our newer trains, which customers can use to report any safety concerns to the train guard.
Without waiting for a minute he alerted the train guard, who further informed the concerned officials and action was taken on the complaint.
I started my career on the east coast route just over nine years ago as a customer service assistant before becoming a train guard.
A train guard checks his watch ahead of departure as he leans out of a window.
A passenger informed the train guard that he saw two people jump out of the train.
I'll never forget the moment of collision: although, of course, it was not obvious what had happened until a shaken train guard informed us all over the loudspeaker.
Both drivers are dead, and one train guard on each train has also been confirmed dead.
Under the new system to be controlled by train guard from his cabin, all doors will automatically open when a train arrives at station and close before it departs.
The train guard had only gone a few yards when he saw the light of an approaching engine.
The only liability that night was the train guard whom she had the catastrophic misfortune to encounter.

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train имя существительное
guard имя существительное