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train graduate
  • выпускник
  • выпускник поезда

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The workforce can not absorb all these highly trained graduates, there is little money to support these expensive programs, and the quality of education is often low, among other problems.
We will have the mission to train graduates who will be agents of corruption in every nook and corner and to the uttermost part of the world!
Many of their vice-chancellors made representations to the government to be included, on the grounds that they too train graduates needed by the economy.
The main goal of the program, which is typically completed in four years, is to train graduates for teaching careers at two- and four-year institutions, especially community colleges.
Others have started their own colleges where they train graduates on what they need.
We under-invest in highly trained graduate students, who can be "innovation generators" within businesses.
Because of this we are not training graduates or skilling up people currently in the industry.
The group trains graduate and undergraduate students in scientific research, particularly wetlands, plants, biogeochemistry, watershed ecology and metals in the environment.

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