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train a generation
  • тренировать поколение
  • поезд поколения

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He has trained generations of doctors, midwives and birth attendants over his career.
This simple interactive approach has yielded transformative insights into ocean processes and has trained generations of high-impact researchers to identify the weak links in accepted ideas.
We are unwittingly training generation after generation that women are unequal.
Higher education is positioned to determine the future by training a generation of problem solvers.
They've already trained generations of customers to switch off their handsets or switch off data roaming when they're abroad.
This is precisely what you would expect when you train a generation to believe that they have a right not to be offended.
On the one hand, it's a chance both to grow national wealth and to train a generation of lawyers, economists, geologists and engineers.
You are suddenly training a generation to believe that anything they can imagine, they can make.
We are training a generation of students around the world in the tradition of liberal arts and academic freedom.

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