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trafficking gangs
  • банды, занимающиеся торговлей людьми
  • банды торговцев людьми

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Rio, a city of 6.5 million, is plagued by crime fueled in large part by fighting between heavily armed drug trafficking gangs.
It estimates that about 50 trafficking gangs have extorted $600-million in ransoms since 2009.
There were headlines proclaiming that police had taken over the headquarters of the trafficking gangs.
Put into care, they simply disappear -- presumably picked up by the same or other trafficking gangs.
Most of these people are covertly working for human trafficking gangs and the adventure cost most people their lives and money.
Frequently, deaths result when rival drug trafficking gangs clash with each other.
Drug trafficking gangs routinely use speed boats and jetskis to transport illegal substances across the strait.
Typically, human trafficking gangs comprise smugglers and operators involving the country of origin and destination, as well as those in transit.