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traffic growth
  • рост трафика

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The project will be implemented on "hybrid annuity" model where government takes all the risk including the traffic growth.
Domestic airline passenger traffic growth is set to nosedive into negative territory in 2012-13 due to the ongoing economic slowdown, coupled with high airfares.
The country's two major airlines were, not surprisingly, key drivers of this traffic growth.
This is in the hope of accommodating future traffic growth and safety.
Even so, management and regulatory practices must be dynamic and keep pace with the evolving needs of maritime traffic growth, technological advancement, and trade diversification.
Given the projected traffic growth, the capacity of the terminal is optimum.
However, it is not necessary that the projections for traffic growth and revenue growth will materialise.
Last year the company invested heavily in content for businesses such as its literature service, music service, and video service, contributing to substantial traffic growth.
Air traffic growth, he added, has been a reliable forward indicator of upcoming global recessions for the past two decades.
It has flagged critical infrastructure needs for upgrading mobility within the cities keeping in view the traffic growth and consequent challenges upto 2030.