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traffic gridlock
  • блокировка трафика
  • транспортный тупик

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He said he hoped the federal election would help "focus" federal politicians on the importance of sinkholes, failed water systems and traffic gridlock.
Internet shops and distributors do not want to be in busy capital cities with expensive rents and traffic gridlock.
The widespread floods caused traffic gridlock across the metropolis.
We don't want to see visitors stuck in traffic gridlock once the project is completed.
This resulted in traffic gridlock with many cars unable to traverse the floods.
Some were also forced to sleep in their cars as traffic gridlock hit the island.
A traffic gridlock was also witnessed on roads leading to the memorial with a stampede following the scuffle.
Experts predict that in two years, every inner road within the township will be clogged with cars leading to a perpetual traffic gridlock.
However, insurers said that the warm weather would add to traffic gridlock this week and warned that accidents would increase by more than a third.

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