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traditional governance
  • традиционное управление

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Traditional rulers must change their style of traditional governance to attract the youth in helping achieve local development objectives.
Their customary laws prevalent among these ethnic groups, though portray an egalitarian socio-economic structure is discriminatory when it comes to women's right in traditional governance and customary laws.
Perhaps we all have a thing or two to learn about traditional governance.
Extensive componentization will likely drive at least some changes in governance upward through the traditional governance model.
A dispute between a community and their chief over who should own their land has brought into sharp focus the tensions between traditional governance structures and constitutional law.
Will they factor into the traditional governance system or be considered?
To have traditional governance and lifestyles, including horses, on the land is deeply healing and is fundamental to the pipeline resistance.
I do not believe that the institution of traditional governance is opposed to municipal governace but you need to find a way these work.
Indigenous women have continued to exercise power through traditional (and often unpaid) ways, maintaining traditional governance structures in many communities.

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