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traditional garments
  • традиционная одежда

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The gathering, which was hosted at the metro police headquarters, saw more than 100 informal traders swop their daily aprons and work attire for dazzling traditional garments.
So look out for sleek silhouettes and when shopping for traditional garments ensure there is a modern or contemporary edge.
In the fashion show all the traditional garments will be displayed by the models.
She is the face behind the thousands of traditional garments that have now found their way from villages to international retail stores.
Mayan warriors adorned in traditional garments with colorful ornamentation performed a sundown ritual and the night concluded with fireworks illuminating the sky over the ocean.
One picture shows members of an ethnic minority group in traditional garments as they ride horses in a picturesque river valley.
The silhouettes with an ethereal and drifting mood mimic traditional garments, with futuristic elements.
Dressed in thick, traditional garments which shield them from the bitter cold, the riders weave in and out of wild horses as they try to evade their lassos.
There are many traditional garments in the country whose sales were originally limited to the geographical area where the weaving community was located.

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