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trading gains
  • прибыль от торговли
  • торговые выгоды

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Interest payments are supported by the income from mature investment assets as well as trading gains.
Robinson reported that the 8.9 per cent growth in earnings was as a result of non-core activities such as the debt recovery as well as trading gains.
The increase was driven by higher interest and fee-based earnings as well as trading gains.
The bank's non-interest income, on the other hand, jumped 34%, driven by higher securities trading gains.
This was largely driven by solid gains from the bank's core banking, transactional, and bancassurance businesses, boosted by significant securities trading gains.
The receiver said the fund returned $6.4-million in redemptions to investors, telling them they came from trading gains when instead the funds were incurring losses.
The drop in trading gains was already expected although the magnitude is hard to predict, explaining banks' below expected results.
Last year's performance got a boost from a surge in trading gains as the bank sold down a portion of its holdings of investment instruments.
Another challenge is lack of opportunities as far as trading gains is concern and competition remains intense.
Non-interest income grew one-third from a year ago, boosted by a 193% rise in trading gains.

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