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trade group
  • торговая группа

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One in three titles is bought in digital form, a bigger proportion than for any other genre, the trade group said.
That figure represents a 14 percent increase compared with 2009 and a doubling since 2003, the trade group said today.
The volume of craft spirits produced has nearly doubled in the last two years, the trade group said.
That figure, which accounts for the overlap between online and offline buyers, topped the 136 million that the trade group had predicted.
None of them have raised the question of drone ships with the trade group, he said.
We are a trade group made up of professionals that are needed to assure proper underwriting.
The trade group insisted that current regulations reflect the available evidence and offer protection from any purported health risks.
Here's a trade group with a list of compatible products -- such as light dimmers, thermostats and even home security systems -- and their manufacturers.
The trade group also asserted that it owned much of the infringing copyrighted work on the servers and it therefore could not be legally sold.
But a trade group for the cell phone industry said the law could lead to confusion.

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