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trade globally
  • торговля по всему миру
  • торговли по всему миру

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Supporting food security and economic growth in low-income countries is a way to generate opportunities for investment and trade globally, such as "aid for trade".
The move to a technology based economy -- all businesses can be digitally enabled now -- that really changes the way we think and trade globally.
These prices are used as reference rates for trillions of dollars of investment and trade globally.
Roberts concludes the book with one piece of advice -- love locally, trade globally.
It'll be particularly useful for medium-sized businesses that trade globally.
However, now with the plethora of e-commerce platforms across the world, any company, no matter how small, can trade globally.
On expansion, the firm says it will tighten its grip on travel and tourism sector, which has high growth potential especially given the growing trade globally.

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