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trade gap
  • торговый разрыв

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Imports have been decreasing at a higher rate than the reduction in export earnings, thereby reducing the trade gap.
In fact the containment of the fiscal deficit would assist in containing the trade gap.
That widened the trade gap, cutting nearly 1.9 percentage points from growth, the most in 30 years.
One of the reasons for the widening of the trade gap has been the substantial increase in investment goods imports by 60 percent last year.
That is why imports are up and the trade gap has widened substantially.
We don't have enough exportable products, causing yawning trade gap between the two nations.
In 2014-15, the bilateral trade between the countries stood at $72.3 billion with the trade gap at $49 billion.
The total trade gap between two countries stood at over $8.8 billion.