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trace gases
  • микроскопии газов
  • следовые газы

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The vortex is full of trace gases, including complex hydrocarbons, that are otherwise rare in the moon's atmosphere.
These instruments observe millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths which allow for the discovery of trace gases (or huge reservoirs of water vapor) in the early universe.
This chamber enables researchers to simulate the degradation of even slight quantities of trace gases.
This is the satellite that will search for methane and other trace gases in the planet's atmosphere.
Any trace gases that are present in the atmosphere, including methane, will preferentially absorb sunlight at certain specific wavelengths.
We'll do this by characterizing the role of atmospheric circulation and aerosols, such as dust and ice, in trace-gas transport and in chemical reactions in the atmosphere affecting trace gases.
The relationship between the trace gases and temperature can then be studied.
Over the last two to three decades, this technique has allowed astronomers to find trace gases, including water vapour, in the earliest universe.

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