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tourist guide
  • туристический путеводитель
  • туристический гид

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But, he insists that after 37 years, he still calls himself just a tourist guide.
The misunderstanding arose when it was reported that she was a tourist guide.
She had hired the tourist guide from an agency suggested by the hotel authorities.
The investigation has therefore absolved the tourist guide from any wrongdoing.
They had drinks, after which, the tourist guide tried to force himself on her.
With the tourist guide joining the probe, police are hoping that they will be able to identify the other accused.
In any case, customers should not be forced to pay for a tourist guide they do not need or want.
It is better to have a tourist guide along if you are new to the place, but it's a must visit-site.
Meanwhile, in their statement to police the tourist guide and the bus driver -- both in their late 30s -- have denied their involvement in the crime.