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touching gesture
  • трогательный жест

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In a touching gesture, he even continued to stand on the tarmac for half an hour when the take-off was delayed due to the malfunctioning of the pushback tractor.
To me it's the very painfulness of their offer that makes this such a touching gesture.
For the rest of us, that was a cherry on the rock sundae, a touching gesture of appreciation for the neighbouring country that loves these boys as their own.?
In a touching gesture of support, the doting dad decided to get a tattoo to match his little boy's scar and to help boost his confidence.
Those encounters are always high in emotions; they are a touching gesture of solidarity.
The touching gesture left the host speechless, and inspired him to reach into his wallet and share the rest of his cash with the guys.

варианты переводов в англо-русском словаре

gesture имя существительное
touching наречие
touching прилагательное
touching имя существительное
kind gesture имя существительное
bold gesture имя существительное
to gesture глагол
articulatory gesture имя существительное
grand gesture имя существительное
a fine gesture имя существительное
free gesture прилагательное
friendly gesture имя существительное
to make an angry gesture глагол
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