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total gain
  • общий выигрыш

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At last week's close, it has posted a total gain of 2,103.26 points or 35.71 percent from last year.
During that same time frame, 374 closed resulting in only a total gain of 154 foster homes.
That is in dollar terms a reduction in taxes of over $12 billion a year for a total gain of over $50 billion for businesses to date.
The stock has risen just over 1% in today's session to be trading at $84.47, giving it a total gain of 2.2% over the course of the week.
As always the total gain/loss (both dollars and percentages) only apply to the o...
This additional tax could reasonably be about 30% of the total gain, or $1.5 million in taxes.
Around 83% of the total gain was in the nature of long-term capital gain.

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