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top grossing
  • верхний кассовый

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Women made up only 6 percent of all directors working on the top grossing films of 2013, a decrease of 3 percentage points from 2012.
The graph shows the portrayal of different character types in the top grossing movies over the last year.
Wondering why some of the top grossing movies of the year aren't included?
Adjusted for inflation, it currently stands at seven on the all time top grossing list.
The 7 year-old star has no clue that her impressive performance in last year's top grossing film will make her bag awards from every passing awards night.
Rich with detail, the atlas even includes breakdowns of the probable top grossing addresses by district and by utility.
Eighty per cent of the top grossing actors of the past year either stepped out in the lime light with a beard or stubble during the last awards season.
Jackson clearly recalls the racist environment in which he eventually carved out a remarkable career and became one of the top grossing film actors.
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