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top golf
  • топ гольф
  • топ-гольф
top golfers
  • топ-гольфисты
  • лучшие игроки в гольф

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Данные предложения взяты с внешних ресурсов и могут быть неточными. bab.la не несёт ответственность за их содержание.

Two of the world's top golf course designers were hired to turn the windswept dunes into a world-class links course.
Both golf courses top out at less than 6,900 yards and feature one of the area's top golf schools and practice facilities.
It is considered one of the country's top golf courses and although it attracts many champion golfers, it is a pleasure for those wanting to play recreationally.
The world's top golf circuits welcomed a pair of locals to the mix in a spectacular year for the sport in these parts.
You may think the lifestyle of a top golf professional is all private jets and champagne.
Oakley aims not just to showcase its top golf gear but to also guarantee a competitive golf future for the country.
Nearly 1,000 top golf manufacturers and brands, from today's golf market leaders to emerging companies, create the world's largest business-to-business golf event.
He started playing at the age of five and has played at many of the world's top golf courses.
Oakley believes that it is but fitting for these young athletes to be introduced and supported by a top golf wear brand.
On the women's side, none of the top golfers in the world have announced they're not attending.
Some of the top golfers in the world guess the odds of some unusual scenarios...
But because we're so far out of the way, we don't get a lot of the top golfers.
Golf, which had been in the 1900 and 1904 games, is expected to draw some of the top golfers.
The same can be said of the world's top golfers as they ready themselves for the tests that define careers.
Members will also have the opportunity to play with top golfers and participate in a member-only global tournament.
Maybe we didn't have the luxuries that today's footballers and top golfers have, but we still had a great time.