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toothy grin
  • зубастая ухмылка
  • зубастая улыбка

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In response to our astonished looks, the boatman gave a toothy grin.
With wispy hair and a toothy grin, he projects youthfulness, especially when accompanied by his wife and three young children.
You'll want to give a big smile too -- 54% of the highest rated users are flashing a toothy grin.
His mouth is fixed into a frantic, toothy grin, rendering him unable to talk or chew.
She stood out in her pink top and the constant flashing of her toothy grin showing the trademark index-middle finger salute.
I was sitting in the lawn with my back towards the sun, when my son came out of the house with his toothy grin.

варианты переводов в англо-русском словаре

toothy прилагательное
grin имя существительное
to grin глагол