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too glib
  • слишком glib

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In case this strikes you as a little too glib, let's examine the two issues more closely starting with corporate taxes.
The critics might say he's trying a little too hard, with a script that's a little too glib.
I squirmed through most of this: a bit too glib, a bit too much of the tone of self-help seminars and overly simplified advice to businessmen about a foreign culture.
In the end, they're too glib, too shorthand-quick to summarize a region -- or an individual.
It's too glib - you always hear the comment being made that our wages are much higher than elsewhere.
Ergo, this requires an on-ground team that understands the local language, culture and, without being too glib, life.
The assurance of resurrection can feel all too glib, too much like going through the motions.

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too наречие
glib прилагательное
too much наречие
too late наречие
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