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tons of grapes
  • тонн винограда

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It is expected however, that the country will import about 180,000 tons of grapes, a whopping 20% increase.
The property encompasses more than 70 acres, and includes a winery facility capable of crushing 30,000 tons of grapes.
These custom-made tanks can hold between 10,000 and 15,000 tons of grapes, and will hold them for about 45 days of fermentation.
Production increased from 22,500 tons of grapes in 2008 to 33,500 tons last year, with the number of wineries increasing from 144 to 220 during the same period.
The 2014 vintage yielded 1.3 million tons of grapes, which was the third largest vintage on record.
There was enhanced equilibrium flanked by supply and demand subsequent to the 2010 classic, when 266,000 tons of grapes were produced.
In the three months that followed, eight tons of grapes were processed and 8 000 litres of wine produced.
Reality is 1ha of vineyard yields five to 15 tons of grapes, while the equivalent of apples yields 100 tons.
In 2015, just more than 1.5 million tons of grapes were crushed to produce around 1 billion litres of wine.

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