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tons of grain
  • тонн зерна

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We looked at how much land can produce that 2 million metric tons of grain.
With the investment capital of 231,770 dollars, we expected to reap more than 1,000 metric tons of grain.
Kazakhstan has already harvested 16 million tons of grain so far this year.
Of the two billion tons of grain grown around the world, less than half is eaten directly by people.
Indeed, the report calculated, its recommended measures would save 2.4 million lives and 52 millions tons of grain every year.
If something is not done soon, there will be tons of grain wasted that could easily feed millions of people.
Several hundred thousand tons of grain production could be lost as a result of increased salinization from sea level rise.
This decline was only reversed in 2008, when the harvest produced 108 million tons of grain, the highest since 1990.