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tons of gold
  • тонны золота
  • тонн золота

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It holds roughly 1,250 tons of gold, or over 40 million ounces, valued at nearly $67 billion.
The regime also has 155 tons of gold bars that can't easily be used to pay for supplies, he said.
Indonesia produced 120 tons of gold in 2010, -27% since its peak production in 2006.
India, the world's largest consumer of gold, imports around 800-900 tons of gold annually.
In 2014, the country produced about 18 tons of gold at a market value of over $700 million.
Qaddafi's government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver....
At a million per month, that's a little over 57 tons of gold per month, or 684 tons of gold a year!

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