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tomato growers
  • томатоводы
  • томатные производители

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Alabama tomato growers, among others, have decried the law's swift and deleterious impact on the farm labor market.
The report concludes by highlighting expectations for tomato growers and processors over the next couple years.
But the challenge brought out the best of the best, even though dozens more tumbled out before these tomato growers could stop themselves.
Tomato growers are suffering the impact of low prices and lettuce also yields very little.
Grape exporters saw their most important market drop out, as did tomato growers.
The ripple effect is also expected to clobber many area tomato growers.
The year also promises to be interesting for raspberry tomato growers.
It put almost 750 employees out of work, and many local tomato growers lost contracts.
They will also work with tomato growers along with wheat, coffee and tea farmers as well palm oil producers.

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tomato имя существительное
tomato прилагательное
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