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token of gratitude
  • знак благодарности

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He said the ex-gratia, as many refer to it, will be a token of gratitude to outgoing assembly members.
We pursued excellence, because at the end of each school year, every medal, plaque, and trophy was a token of gratitude to them.
Rewards are typically for supporting startups, where the reward can range from the actual object of crowdfunding (pre-ordering) to a token of gratitude such as a t-shirt.
Shawls and mementoes were presented to the son and the daughter of the soil as a token of gratitude from the organizers by the dignitaries on the occasion.
Thanks to the minimum wage cushion, tipping here is seen as a token of gratitude for service that goes above the average.
They are given as part of a collectable set as a token of gratitude and the dream is to collect a whole set for the dining room table.

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