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tobacco growers
  • табаководов
  • производители табака

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He said that instead of its prohibition, the government should pay subsidy to tobacco growers.
It is now feared the proposals could result in huge sums going back to tobacco growers.
As a result, the number of farmers registered as tobacco growers has significantly declined to about 70 000 from over 100 000 in 2014.
In 2004 there were about 4 000 mostly small-scale black tobacco growers and a handful of large-scale black tobacco producers.
The central bank came up with a five percent incentive for tobacco growers to promote production of the export crop.
Zei was a strong proponent for tobacco growers as the liaison between tobacco farmers and the tobacco board.
He also said that the enactment of the proposed law could threaten the future of thousands of tobacco growers.
Experts say this was because the new tobacco growers, mostly communal farmers, have been found wanting, bringing to the floors lower grade tobacco leaves.
Policies should be developed to protect tobacco growers and workers from industry practices that fix prices or create conditions that are disadvantageous.

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