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tiny gold
  • крошечное золото

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Scholars agree that the crown of this tiny gold bell appears to be an armadillo-human figure.
His/her profile picture is a white egg in red lipstick, a tiny gold crown and sunglasses.
I chose it for my garden because it has a sweet smell, and enchanting tiny gold blooms held upright over strong dark green leaves.
Tiny gold studs could be seen in her ears, while a gold bracelet hung on her wrist.
When opened, it revealed a golden yolk with a tiny gold hen nestled inside.
In order to have the new treatment, the patient has an emulsion applied to the acne that contains millions of the tiny gold particles.
The new virus-destroyer, called a nanozyme, has a backbone of tiny gold particles and a surface with two main biological components.
The nanoparticles that home in on the tumor are tiny gold nanorods, which can penetrate the blood vessels surrounding the tumor.
Let's break it down: 16 films, 16 tiny gold statues proclaiming them the best films of their respective year.

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