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EN to square up

1. "prepare to fight"

to square up

2. "account, debt"

to square up (также: to pay off, to clear, to square)
saldar {глаг.}
to square up (также: to pay up, to make payment, to meet, to pay back)
pagar {глаг.}

3. "settle debts", разговорный

to square up (также: to settle up)

4. "disagreement, problem", разговорный

to square up (также: to amend, to tidy, to titivate, to do up)
arreglar {глаг.}

варианты переводов в англо-испанском словаре

square имя существительное
square прилагательное
Square имя существительное
to square глагол
to be up to глагол
up наречие
to up глагол
up! междометие

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Englishsystem, an image is made up of square pixels.
En un sistema digital, una imagen está formada por píxeles cuadrados.
EnglishWhat is taking place there at the moment will - and we should not forget this - also have an effect on us if we do combine our democratic powers in time to square up to this terrorism.
No debemos olvidar que lo que allí está ocurriendo repercutirá contra nosotros si no encontramos la unidad de todas las fuerzas democráticas y luchamos contra este terrorismo.