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«to ring up» перевод на испанский

to ring up {глаг.}
to ring up {перех.гл.}

EN to ring up

1. "on cash register"

to ring up (также: to check off, to record, to register, to rummage)
registrar {глаг.}

2. "notch up"

to ring up (также: to log, to chalk up, to log up)
anotarse {глаг.}

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EnglishOur own decision will be one in favour, even though our ‘yes’ vote will be designed to ring up the curtain, not to ring it down.
Nuestra decisión será favorable, aunque con nuestro «sí» pretendemos subir el telón, no bajarlo.
EnglishI know that because I have asked around and I have asked people to ring up airlines to inquire about their child safety systems.
Lo sé porque he ido preguntando por ahí y he pedido a varias personas que telefonearan a compañías aéreas para preguntar por sus sistemas de seguridad para niños.