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«clumsily» перевод на испанский

clumsily {нареч.}

EN clumsily

1. общее

clumsily (также: maladroitly, unskillfully, unskilfully, awkwardly)
torpemente {нареч.}

2. "walk, handle, apologize"

clumsily (также: awkwardly, maladroitly)
con torpeza {нареч.}

3. "made, fashioned"

clumsily (также: crudely, artlessly, coarsely, roughly)
toscamente {нареч.}

4. "written"

clumsily (также: awkwardly)
con poca fluidez {нареч.}

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Englishhis resignation was handled very clumsily
EnglishThe aims which are defined in the charter of the European Central Bank are one-sided and somewhat clumsily phrased.
Los objetivos que fija el estatuto del Banco Central Europeo son unilaterales y están formulados con un poco de torpeza.
EnglishTo be honest, it is now forcing its partners to compete with each other, rather clumsily perhaps, but with good reason.
Para ser francos, está obligando ahora a sus socios a competir entre ellos, de una manera más bien torpe quizás, pero razonable.
Englishshe excused herself clumsily