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EN to chase up

to chase up (также: to come across, to discover, to find, to stumble on)
encontrar {глаг.}
to chase up (также: to compile)
recabar {глаг.}
to chase up (также: to collect, to harvest, to pick, to gather in)
recolectar {глаг.}
to chase up (также: to recall, to think back, to recollect, to bring back)
recordar {глаг.}
to chase up (также: to pursue, to chase down, to make after)
perseguir {глаг.}
to chase up (также: to follow up)
corretear {перех.гл.} [Чили] [разговор.] (trámite)

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chase имя существительное
to chase глагол
to be up to глагол
up наречие
to up глагол
up! междометие

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EnglishWhat has the Commission done to chase up these matters?
¿Qué medidas ha tomado la Comisión para ponerse al día en estos asuntos?
EnglishWill you chase up the other 23 Member States?
¿Investigará lo que está pasando con los otros 23 Estados miembros?
Englishwe must chase them up
Englishwe must chase them up
EnglishI'll have to chase him up about the report
Englishchase up this order for me, please
EnglishWe need to do this to avoid having to chase up, after the event, rather as we are doing with this report, the mistakes that have resulted from misinterpretation or arbitrary interpretation.
Y esto para evitar que se tenga que buscar a posteriori, como quizás estamos haciendo con este informe, los errores debidos a interpretaciones inexactas o arbitrarias.
EnglishThey frequently have to take down the complaints, find a lawyer, obtain sufficient legal aid and sometimes chase up court officials themselves to get this discrimination recorded.
A menudo deben reunir las denuncias, procurarse un abogado, la ayuda jurisdiccional adecuada y, a veces, ir a buscar a los agentes judiciales para que se comprueben dichas discriminaciones.

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