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EN to brush off

1. общее

to brush off (также: to close out, to blow off, not to know, to thrust aside)
ignorar {глаг.}

2. "clean off"

to brush off (также: to remove, to unstick, to quench, to do out of)
quitar {глаг.}

4. "dirt, mark"

to brush off (также: to come across, to come out, to exit, to leave)
salir {глаг.}
to brush off (также: to shuck, to shuck off, to come off, to grow out of)
quitarse {глаг.}

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brush имя существительное
to brush глагол
off прилагательное
off предлог

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Englishbrush the dog hairs off you
EnglishFrom your answer, I received the impression that the Commission is either unaware of the true situation, is not informed, or is trying to brush off MEPs.
Su respuesta me dio la impresión de que la Comisión no conoce la verdadera situación o bien no está informada o bien intenta sacarse encima a los diputados europeos.