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to beat down {глагол}

1. общее
to beat down (также: to lay)
to beat down (также: to beat, to beat off, to defeat, to ace out)
to beat down (также: to break down, to break in, to cut down, to stamp down)
2. "flatten"
to beat down (также: to blow over, to down, to fell, to unhorse)
to beat down (также: to drub, to destroy, to devastate, to put down)

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EnglishThe Open Source folk beat you hands down, by 100 to zero.
Los defensores del código abierto les han vencido sin esfuerzo por 100 a 0.
Englishyou might manage to beat the price down a little
Englishwe beat him down to half the original figure
Englishthe fierce tropical sun beat down
EnglishSaid he, "It is my staff on which I lean, and wherewith I beat down leaves for my flocks, and for which I have other uses.
EnglishUnfortunately, however, the real aim appears to have been to beat down and attack our small and medium-sized enterprises.
Desgraciadamente, sin embargo, el verdadero objetivo parece haber sido la conquista y el asalto de nuestras pequeñas y medianas empresas.
Englishthe sun beat down on them
Englishthe sun beat down relentlessly